Black Business Directory

Take advantage of registering your business in the Hasanat Ltd Black Business Directory for free. The directory aims to increase awareness of black businesses and organisations providing services and selling products. The information given about your company, product or service will help inform and empower more people to spend their money with black-owned businesses, empowering us to be better and have more of a voice and more economic control over our future. 

The approach to creating a black business directory and forum to market black businesses is a must if black people want to create generational wealth and a more robust economic voice for their children. A stronger voice could facilitate their empowerment and provide them with avenues of employment opportunities and a sense of community and belonging. Yes, it is ambitious, but a necessary process to start. The ability to begin to work and provide services for each other at a fair cost for all parties will encourage people to spend more of their money with black-owned businesses, which is the goal. Hasanat Ltd is committed to promoting and supporting this process.

Black people need to trust the services provided so that they can choose and recommend vendors to others that would help promote services within and outside of the black community. This can help to facilitate the employment growth of black people in housing, marketing, pharmacy, retail, construction, maintenance, beauty, travel, automotive, computing, cultural, electronics, education, entertainment, farming, fashion, film, entertainment, financial, hospitality, health and food to name some. The list is exhaustive, but the directory will help inform those who want to promote, support and help grow black-owned businesses.

According to UK government data on household income published on September 5th, 2022:

  • 45% of households in the UK had a weekly income of below £600 (before tax) on average in the three years to March 2021
  • 30% of households had a weekly income of £1,000 or more
  • 7% of households had a weekly income of £2,000 or more
  • black households (54%) were most likely out of all ethnic groups to have a weekly income of under £600
  • households in the Indian ethnic group were the most likely to have a weekly income of both £1000 or more and £2,000 or more.

The data can be downloaded from the following link given below.

Household income - GOV.UK Ethnicity facts and figures (

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